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Very confusing and difficult finding what I search

Hi there,
I am Sabrina, Been MVP until 2019, I've always been one of those answering in the Italian Microsoft forums and I've found now you have made this new platform and I'm OK we need to move to new ways of sharing knowledge.

But even if I've set my preferences on my profile for this site, I can't found the fundamentals:

I've 33 years of experience in developing Applications using Microsoft tools on Microsoft technologies, I can and will be happy to help new developers with what I know.
So can you tell me how to set up the environment on this site to receive in my email when somebody posts questions on the following:

C#, Windows Forms, WPF, SQL, SQLServer, ASP.Net API, Windows Services, and all normal technologies used yet by the majority of developers.

I found that your tags are a little bit too AZURE centric and I understand Azure is the Future, but if this is a community to make developers learn to develop applications, you need to let them learn the basics first and then expand to the new great technologies given us by the cloud.
I am not only a developer but also an educator in my small but advanced business, and the kids that arrive to start working with me lack in the basic knowledge of anything. All knowledge on developing applications on the internet is fragmented, difficult to find and usually dedicated to small things that are usually useless if not in a specific case. So this place is welcome, and attach it to the docs site is a good thing. But it needs to have to be useful to be successful.

I add some more from my "old age": I can use Stack Overflow and find answers to my problems because I have my 33 years of background, but the new kids coming from college don't have idea of really simple things one for all: basic Database Interaction in C# or How to pass data from a Window to Another (or a view to another if you work with the Web) so please add also basic tags to your Q&A and let us dynosaurs help the young developers grow to be able to make great use of the new technologies.


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C#, Windows Forms, SQL, SQL Server, ASP.Net, most Windows, have not yet been migrated. The rest of MSDN/TechNet migration will complete throughout the third quarter of year 2020.

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@SabrinaCosolo-0601 thank you for your feedback.

  1. As @DSPatrick mentioned, we started primary with Azure support and we are adding more products through this year. Next week we will have support for other services. Moving communities and support is not a trivial task, so it requires a lot of collaboration and coordination.

  2. Unfortunately, we are aware of the issues with the editor that encodes some characters. We are actively working on fixing this issue that is affecting most customers.

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