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PowerShell Script in editor should follow the PowerShell style

In this editor we are able to add script but it is all red for the PowerShell for example:

  Get-Help Get-Process

as you can see , it is all red.
It is expected it follow the style in the PowerShell ISE for better readability.

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@Reza-Ameri this section is just for feedback on Microsoft Q&A. If you have a question about a Microsoft product, please ask it by clicking the "Ask a question" button on the top right and then filling the form. Thanks!

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@saldana-msft , this is actually related to Microsoft Q&A editor.
I am saying when we add any PowerShell comment in the Microsoft Q&A editor, it show them all red while it is expected to show them in different colors for this editor.

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@Reza-Ameri ah, sorry I misunderstood. We are working on updates on the editor and rendering, so I am putting this in our roadmap then. Thanks for taking the time to clarify.

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