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Submit not working?

I'm Trying to post the following here:
But 'Submit' does nothing?

ReadyBoost Explained:

RAID 1 is where 2 drives have the same data mirrored on each.
When data is read; half comes from both drives simultaneously, 'doubling' read speed.
When data is Written; all/the same data is written to both drives simultaneously at the speed of a single drive.

With ReadyBoost;
you are putting a Flash Drive (thumb drive, or SSD) in RAID 1 with a HDD
with a filter on the Flash Drive for Random 4K data only.

A USB flash drive can read ~10 random 4K files in the time it takes a HDD just to seek 1 (~10ms)...
This frees the HDD to get on with the large sequential reads its faster at, SIMULTANIOUSLY..!

Why Cache:
The ReadyBoost 'cache' is a whole lot smaller than the HDD.
So something has to make educated guesses as to which R4K files you are likely to require.

is already caching the most used files (of any size) in unused RAM, so why not simply give it a Level 2 cache to use/control too, but for second most used files, that also happen to also be R4K..? :)

To speed things up further;
Why not compress the data that goes into the into the flash cache?
After all if the data's half the size; you get twice as much on the flash drive and can read (and write) it twice as fast..!
Then, why not extend the compression into RAM, making the R4k Flash Superfetch's L3 cache...
(Win 10)

Then it all goes to hell because it's write through for writes, taking write speed down to that of the HDD's R4K speed again.
It's also not persistent through reboots.
Even on internal drives where these things should be a user defined choice....!

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