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Remove 1000 character limit from comments

The 1000 character limit in comments is causing people to leave comments as answers in many cases. It also resulted in a negative CSAT from a customer:

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5 |1600 characters needed characters left characters exceeded

Up to 10 attachments (including images) can be used with a maximum of 3.0 MiB each and 30.0 MiB total.

@saldana-msft - Please take a look at this suggestion ?

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I have posted my first issue here yesterday and especially my first "reply to a reply" and have wasted more than a hour to find a way to paste my reply to a reply (with more than 1'000 characters), as code was included).
I ended up to edit my first posting (issue), as I don't wanted to add it as answer.
It seems as MS (for a reason, I don't understand) want to put all issues to all products in one portal.
Further the postings of already existing portals (like Xamarin) should be overtaken next year... really?

If also developers should be supported here, the limit if 1'000 characters makes it unusable for all developers (as probably every second or third reply will contain code (as im my case)) .
I very wonder, that there are not more upvotes and comments to this initial posting since Aug. 03.
So... dev's vote and write here...

I have to end now, as I am close to reach the 1'000 character limit!

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@MarileeTurscak , thank you for the feedback. We are reviewing it and we will be updating this item once we finish the review.

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I am going to put this in the backlog, although we have agreed internally this is not the right direction we should go. Comments are supposed to be short and to the point to clarify a question or an answer. They are not intended to provide full answers. This article describes the purpose more in detail. Thank you.

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