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assistange with tags

I need some assistance with coming up with suitable tags for questions! What is the procedure

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This is a great question :-)

unfortunately, there is no build-in solution like searching tag. There is only searching with tags but how the H__ can we find which tags exists and fit us best :-)

Option 1: on the top of the page you have a menu with some links


Click on the link/tab named tags

You will be moved to a useless page where you can see about 50 tags.

You have option to sort the tags by popularity (probably not useful to find tag by the topic that you need) or you can sort the tags by name (which does not help a lot if you do not know the name you are looking for and if you do know the name then you do not need this page).


If you did not find the tag in the 50 tags then you can start move to the next page and check 50 more and so on... in theory after a hour or two you should find the tag

Option 2: use the search box and try to find questions which related to your topic or product/service. Go to the question and check what tag the OP used there. If this fit your need then you got the answer.

If only we had a list of all tag in on place grouped by categories...

But we have it :-)

If you are using Chrome then you can download the the QnA extension which will add you several important features and improvement to the page design. One of the feature is a clean page view which remove the unuse content from the page and add a few feature.

One of these feature is a dropdown box where you can find all tags (at list all the tags we had a few weeks ago) grouped by category and you can simply click on the tag to move to the right page.

after you install the extension you will notice new buttons


Enable the extension

Click on the two buttons on the right

Add show/hide content : this was the main reason to develop the extension. This will load all the threads in the page instead of opening each thread in separate page. For someone who come to ask question it is not important since you deal with single thread, but for us the people that come to help others this is a game changer!

Change Page Structure : this will change the entire looks & feel of the page! (1) It will clean the page (2) it will remove the unusful list of 10 tags on the right. (3) It will add a drop down box with all the tags groups by categories


select the tag which fit you best

When you click on the dropdown box, you will see something like this:


Simply scroll down and find the tag that fit your best

Download the extensions and install it on chrome

First you need to install tampermonkey for Chrome:

Next you can get the extension here:

The direct link to download and install the feature which I mentioned (after you install tampermonkey) is here:

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