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Fix problems related to finding the newest post in a thread

When there is activity in a thread members want to view the latest post.

There is difficulty when a post is edited.

When a post is edited it may have been deleted.

The notices indicate activity and members can spend a lot of time looking in the thread for the post.

The longer the thread the more the time consumed looking for the post.

For example in this thread:

there was activity by the opening poster 4 hours ago.

However when looking in the thread no activity 4 hours ago was found.

This was a new thread with few posts. Others are longer.

Some threads are very long and substantial time can be wasted looking for and then clicking on each "show" before concluding that there was no new post.

On the top of each post please create a link/button that will reposition the thread to the latest post.

This way members would be able to see quickly whether there is or is not a new post.

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