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Why use the old version if the latest version already exists

why we should must be download the old version if there is a newer version, but when we try to execute it immediately after downloading the latest version we are usually faced with a file that fails to run or is executed because it does not support the argument that the previous version was not installed on our machine. What has happened and has always been my problem with using a computer with classic model software like this, we are definitely faced with the question of how to update and upgrade the software, how can we enjoy it comfortably with an old machine, it's enough to just run if we don't waste time and so on. .
But on the one hand, we want to learn maybe by upgrading the machine with the software, we will get used to the job, it can even be a solution of respect and respect for the general public on the forum because we are happy to help find when we face problems,

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