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Improvements for the Profile webpage

The profile webpage currently has these displayed on the left side:

On this page
Personal info, username and URL
Account Management
Manage email preferences
Q&A email notifications
Privacy Settings
Download your data
Delete your profile

These are currently displayed across the top:




Answers accepted



Some of these have numbers that are clickable and some numbers are not clickable.

Please consider any one or more of these to improve the webpage:

a) a listing to display all tags in which the member has achieved community expert

b) a listing to display the member names of those following
(or click on the number displayed for "Followers" to view member names)

c) a listing to display the latest 10 threads in which there were votes
(for example: the reputation points may change and this way the member can view the latest threads where there were votes instead of answers)

d) a listing to display only threads in which the member had posts accepted as answers
(for example: click on answers accepted or something similar to view these threads)
(or click on "Answers accepted" to have it display the threads for the number displayed)

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