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visual studio 2013 can't connect Azure DevOps

Hello, our whole team can't connect TFS Azure DevOps today using Visual Studio 2013.

It happened last month too, but after few hours was fixed. Today, it's not working after hours.

Visual Studio 2022 and Visual Studio 2019 are working fine. The message that returns to VS 2013 is:

TF205020: Could not connect to server ‘’. This server was used in your last session, but it might be offline or unreachable. Confirm that the server is available on the network. To attempt to connect again, or to a different server, click ‘Connect To Team Foundation Server’ in Team Explorer or the Team menu.

The server returned the following error: TF400324: Team Foundation services are not available from server
Technical information (for administrator):
The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send.

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