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Why am I prevented from posting a question?

I keep getting the following message whenever I click on "Post Your Question":

Access Denied
You don't have permission to access "" on this server.
Reference #18.90f0317.1650658906.51e06aa

I successfully posted my questions yesterday.
Why now I am denied address to the MS forum?

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me too. we need help, who can help us to solve this problem?

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I posted feedback. The interface allows me to do that.
It should allow you to do that as well.
I complained about not being allowed to post a new question.
Hopefully, the MS staff in charge of this forum will read it and fix this problem that is affecting many members.
Let's hope.
Best of luck

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Hi, bro. I post this feedback (access denied) this morning. Now, I find that, If I remove the codes from my question, I can post the question successfully. Then I try to edit the question and add the code block, unluckily, access denied.

I am sure something is wrong with the code sample function in this Q&A.

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