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Another Bugreport SQL Server Reporting Services 2022

Selected 3 datafields in the details section in design mode, and changed the font to times new roman.
The result was that only the first field was now in times new roman, not all 3 selected.

I feel you really should test it better before bringing it out, but it was free for me, so I do some for you.

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Your device may need to be updated

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Ithink so.

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I think I 'm all up to date. But I dont see help--> about anywhere to check the version. Thats also missing.

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I'm really sorry to hear that

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Well, it is SQL Server Express 2019, I see there is 2022 avaiable. Thats a preview edition though. The final 2022 isn't available yet.

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Hope it will be available soon

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think so

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ok good topc

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Good question

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