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A Submission of 2022 Software Global Status issues on Revision


This long feedback is from an initial contact with Windows Developer on Facebook. I am a very experienced and computer software savvy Master of Science in aeronautical engineering, and I see pitfalls and stagnation ahead, but also opportunity, and that not being noticed in terms of any discussion or actions by software companies that seem aware of these trends. I put my confidence in Microsoft as the personnel to present some of these ideas to solely. Microsoft products are consistently all innovative and sincere toward the user. Finishing this preparation, this is some generic and multi-topic feedback to make some overarching suggestions to the excellent designers and programmers at Microsoft.

“I am a Store developer who is avid about using UWP. I am hoping that Win32 classic ways of programming, moving forward to allow global developers to catch up their collectively huge legacy code base via WinUI does not break the lineage from UWP. I'm inquiring if WinUI, in its plans ahead, also retains current UWP migration to WinUI, in the UWP control behavior path it mimics, into an eventually fully integrated set of options, becoming more similar in event driven methodology, rather than deprecate the UWP younger-legacy global code base existent. I am an advocate of conveying to those critical of UWP, that nearly all that could be done with a C++ Win32 application, can also be done with FullTrustProcess capabilities tagged, which is no error or violation, but to my notice and experience most likely is merely a flag to notify Microsoft that a different realm of Store Quality Assurance is due to be passed, as well as of course enabling that breadth of open abilities to the application creator, for coded usage.

Continuing, on a different topic, there is a problem you might not have much feedback on concerning your Channel 9 and other video avenues of producing informational videos, Microsoft wide. (The reason it might not be well known, or difficult to analyze, is that there is on video watching interfaces no fluid way to post feedback tied to the video or take screen or window snips.) Though I understand that different people relate to different forms of media different than others, still I think that written textual accounts, with still images not too predominant, has been for many years, and is being still sadly steered away from by Microsoft. Too much great information scripted up for video is gobbling up time to watch and gaze, with time effectiveness of information transfer very poor for the watcher, and with later on quick glance lookup of information not readily available and also not even reasonably searchable. The video craze is burning out, for these reasons plus more related to them. Finally, a different Microsoft Developer online means, other than weblogs (blogs), by which to catalog and lay out for navigation similar information to that which is in your Dev Blogs and Videos, could do your teams and we developers both much better, once setup. All this knowledge on both formats is timestamp-currency dependent, decreasing with age as to still being pertinent, so I understand the blog dating order applicable feature. Yet the desired equivalent articles to your excellent videos (for videos, which is as a format still lacks much) and your difficult to cross reference and later again find blog information, could be better served by a paradigm design of more refinement than the blog format, and far better than the video format. Blog field data resolution and incompleteness, for search, layout, cross linking and sifting across website pages, is over a decade behind the idea curve, in my opinion. Maybe a paradigm for content could be developed featuring archival of articles beyond a cutoff age in days, of one stage to several stages, in exact number of days before currently changing DateTime, by automated field adjustments and ensuing table location swaps, to slide articles to another grouping of pages in the Db and content major sections, in an automated way. This could have the advantages of a blog but also add a great feature that if considered could blend nearly fully with other CMS style website structures. You are welcome to use the idea as stated, as human domain ideas, of course. That's because as a sole proprietor developer I have decided to do any similar such work via desktop/laptop/tablet UWP apps, which to me possess more presentational feature fine adjustability, than do client-server architectures. I do my HTML and CSS markup and style no more than for my one-page company website and one-page company musician website, steering clear of JavaScript. That's because it seems to my initiate look at webapp development models, the server-side and client-side coding methodology design and implementation overhead is enormously greater, with less detailed refinement possible, in order to "appify" for the browsers. Many of you at Microsoft Developer might very well humorously know keenly of these pros and cons between the two ways of conceiving, expanding, implementing, and maintaining applications, as client-only and client-server are so very different, with event resolution and detail being so poor over TCP/IP. That could change with more web standard overhaul, which is fitting that as of...

KEYNOTE: nearly all forward progress in computer technology has, in my opinion, reached a new unusual (for now) stage requiring for competitiveness, and availing us all as great new opportunity also, much more common than the precedingly rare process of lookback at all former standards adoptions, to instead sift among them all as if any might be a candidate for complete from scratch overhaul, arriving at different tags, fields, and newly incepted standards pushes, from such revision research. The vision type nature of this would be to produce greater breadth, flexibility, and thoughtfulness of information carried by data working files, and by transport mechanisms, better ready from experience of the next 45 years to 2065+, to serve all persons better in the decades ahead.

Now that I've written all this, you can know that I am copying the text on my client side before posting the comment, such that I can provide the information, somewhat cleaned up of a few specifics, on my publication The Independent Systems Engineer. That's just in case you found the information valuable, as one person working the Facebook page, and it would be better to know that I plan to publish the essence of these ideas elsewhere, and present to Visual Studio, Code, and Windows 11 feedback suggestion channels.” Thank you for handling this feedback, I would like to maybe, if possible and optional, receive a quick note at my email address to the effect of having received these ideas and issues, which I feel are very important to this decade for Microsoft.

Thank you

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