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Hi Chaitanya,
Thanks for getting back. I have used environmental variables from my local machine instead of local settings json file and have already published the code to azure. And when I run the application locally am getting the above said error as I have mentioned in my previous post.

You have given another hint to use Google as a sign in Authorization. My project is basically trying to extract data from Google analytics 360 using csharp coding in visual studio code and deploying to azure function app. I already created service account credentials in Google developer console by creating a project and enabling the APIs downloaded secret json file. Can you please let me know where exactly the above said Google sign in authentication would much help better in my case. A quick call would also be much appreciated awaiting for your support.

Paramasivm @ChaitanyaNaykodiMSFT-9638

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This is a forum and not private chat between two people.

Thanks for getting back.

If you started a discussion in the forum then continue it on the same thread instead of opening a thread which does not have any background 🙂

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