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Unable to Log in or switch account on Microsoft teams

Hi I have an issue logging into Microsoft teams. It will not let me switch account, and this issue is only on the teams platform. It will not work with Microsoft Authenticator App, it never sends me a notification or a text message. It will let me sign in another way. This is an old account I do not want to use as I have left University. I cannot use another account which is what I want to do. When it asks to switch an account it still thinks I'm trying to log in through University so says "you're account cannot be recognised". I'll enclose screenshots. This only happens when I go through browser, on the app it is fine. Yet because I have a link (which is not a website, just a button that says "click here") and not a meeting code so I cannot use the app. Many thanks

Also the Tag option confuses me sorry if it's wrong

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@RachelHall-5818 , thank you for the feedback. This area is for feedback on Microsoft Q&A feedback only. So we are closing this item.

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