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More options and felxibility for link/hyperlink formatting

Hi Guys,

it would be lovely if you can add a possibility to control the text of a hyperlink. Currently if you post a link to an article it automatically gets its title and formats it lowercase, so at the end a reference to an article (Example MS Docs), having the title

looks like this:


It would be really great if one is able to format the text to the hyperlink and make it a bit more easier to read. Other considerations:
- user friendliness
- being able to meaningfully shorten long titles.

Another great improvement would be the possibility to differentiate between a MS Docs, Microsoft other or 3rd party links, so that the users know what they are clicking on.

Hope we will hear from you soon!


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When you copy the link with the URL, you can do anything with the URL text, so long you keep the identifier, before the number.

We are not planning to allow users to build their URL at this moment.

Adding the source is an interesting idea. I am putting this in our backlog to discuss with my team further. Thank you!

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@StoyanChalakov , thank you for the feedback. We are reviewing it and we will be updating this item once we finish the review.

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