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problem with mecm console

I have just installed the Windows and Office Deployment Lab Kit. I have successfully opened HYD-CM1, HYD-DC1 and HYD-GW1. When I attempt to open the MECM Management Console I get the following (see image):

"The Configuration Manager console cannot connect to the Configuration Manager site database. Verify the following:" The error states 5 items to verify. I did not check any of these because I am under the impression that these items would have been built in the lab set up. Is this an error on my part?

When I clicked the Connect to sit button, I enter the FQDN of the CM1 Server ( Is this the correct name? Is this the Primary Site server?
Can someone help me get beyond this so I can start my home education with this environment? When I enter the FQDN, it is not accepted.

All help will be appreciated.


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