Disable backup functionality for a volume

You can disable the backup functionality for a volume if you no longer need the backup protection.


Disabling backups for a volume will delete all the backups stored in the Azure storage for that volume.

If a volume is deleted but the backup policy wasn’t disabled before the volume deletion, all the backups related to the volume are retained in the Azure storage and will be listed under the associated NetApp account.



Existing backups not assigned to a backup vault must be migrated. You cannot perform any operations on a backup until it has been migrated to a backup vault. To learn how to migrate, see Manage backup vaults.

  1. Select Volumes.

  2. Select the specific volume whose backup functionality you want to disable.

  3. Select Configure.

  4. In the Configure Backups page, toggle the Enabled setting to Off. Enter the volume name to confirm, and click OK.

    Screenshot that shows the Restore to with Configure Backups window with backup disabled.

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