Azure confidential computing partners

Azure confidential computing enables an ecosystem of partners that build on our privacy preserving infrastructure to provide additional capabilities for customers. Learn more about our partners, their unique solutions to your use cases and links to get started with their Azure Marketplace solutions.

  • Anjuna Confidential Computing Platform is the solution for protecting your workloads from prying eyes and unauthorized tampering in the cloud. Your workloads stay confidential and trusted during execution so that you can embrace the cloud and innovate faster without the threat of code and data exposure.

  • BeeKeeperAI - Accelerating healthcare AI through a secure collaboration platform for algorithm owners and data stewards.

  • Decentriq enables companies around the globe to collaborate with other organizations on their most sensitive datasets and create value for their clients. The technologies we apply make it impossible for anyone to see the sensitive data, us included.

  • Edgeless Systems allows you to take cloud security and compliance to the next level, easily and at scale.

  • Enclaive System's revolutionary enclavation technology establishes the highest level of application security and data privacy. Our apps are so secure, even the host is unable to look inside.

  • Fortanix, a leading confidential computing solutions provider, based in Santa Clara (CA), provides a Confidential AI platform that allows data teams to work with their sensitive data sets to train and run AI models in a confidential manner.

  • Habu works with a wide range of collaborators across the ecosystem including leading platforms for activation, data and identity companies, agencies and consultancies, and major clouds. Fast-track business growth with a platform that integrates with your existing tools and technology investments.

  • Mithril Security helps software vendors sell SaaS to enterprises, thanks to our secure enclave deployment tooling, which provides SaaS on-prem levels of security and control for customers.

  • Opaque Systems is a confidential computing and data clean room platform that enables secure data sharing, multi-party analytics and machine learning on encrypted data.

  • Scone confidential computing platform facilitates always encrypted execution: one can run services and applications such that neither the data nor the code is ever accessible as plain text - not even for root users.