Extend Azure with Azure Native ISV Services

Partner organizations use Azure Native ISV Services to offer solutions that you can use in Azure to enhance your cloud infrastructure. These Azure Native ISV Services are fully integrated into Azure. You work with these solutions in much the same way you would work with solutions from Microsoft. You use a resource provider, resource types, and SDKs to manage the solution.

Azure Native ISV Services are available through the Marketplace.


Partner Description
Datadog - An Azure Native ISV Service Monitoring and analytics platform for large scale applications.
Elastic Build modern search experiences and maximize visibility into health, performance, and security of your infrastructure, applications, and data.
Logz.io Observability platform that centralizes log, metric, and tracing analytics.
Azure Native Dynatrace Service Provides deep cloud observability, advanced AIOps, and continuous runtime application security.
Azure Native New Relic Service Preview A cloud-based end-to-end observability platform for analyzing and troubleshooting the performance of applications, infrastructure, logs, real-user monitoring, and more.

Data and storage

Partner Description
Apache Kafka for Confluent Cloud Fully managed event streaming platform powered by Apache Kafka.
Azure Native Qumulo Scalable File Service Preview Multi-petabyte scale, single namespace, multi-protocol file data platform with the performance, security, and simplicity to meet the most demanding enterprise workloads.

Networking and security

Partner Description
NGINXaaS - Azure Native ISV Service Use NGINXaaS as a reverse proxy within your Azure environment.