Custom Tags


Check out Filters to learn more about filters.

Clarity's custom tags are customizable filters that allow you to analyze recordings and heatmaps in different directions. You can easily create custom tags and share them across your team. You can pass additional information through custom tags.

There are no limits on the number of tags you can add to your project.

The following are some of the scenarios where you can use custom tags:

  • Show recordings for a specific user.
  • Record or analyze and search through custom fields.
  • Spot users by an ID, one that is significant to your application database.
  • Rename userID to a meaningful name that allows you to search through them easily.
  • Show recordings or heatmaps for flight or experiment IDs.

Where do custom tags show up?

You can create custom tags accessible through the Recordings, Heatmaps, and Dashboard sections of Clarity. You can find custom tags under the Filters section.

Custom tags for Heatmaps.

How to setup custom tags?

You can create your own filters by setting tags in your website code.

  • The tags can be any alphanumeric value you like including spaces. For example, 'Checkout Page'.
  • The tag and its value can't be longer than 255 characters.
  • A single page can have no more than 128 tags. Any other tags will be ignored.

Step 1

Identify the information you want to send to Clarity. This information should be a key-value pair.

Key: The tag name that identifies the kind of information you're sending.

Value: The value attached to the tag.

Step 2

Add this code snippet into your website code:

clarity("set", "key", "value");


To create custom tags to filter out recordings based on flight or experiment ID, the key can be flight and value can be testflight1.

So, the code snippet would be - clarity("set", "flight", "testflight1");

Add custom tags to your project

As you add the tag in your website code, it will be updated in your project within 30 minutes to 2 hours. You can add multiple tags to a project.

Step 1

To start using the tag, select a project feature and go to Filters. Select the tag under Custom tags.

Select custom tags for Heatmaps.

Step 2

Select the tag value. You can view the applied custom tag badges at the top as shown here.

Add custom tags for Heatmaps.

Select 'Apply'.

Delete a custom tag

Step 1

Go to Custom tags under Filters.

Select custom tags to delete.

Step 2

Select Delete icon next to the tag.

Delete custom tags.

Setup JavaScript triggers through Google Tag Manager

If you use Google Tag Manager to load the Clarity script on your site, you can set up JavaScript triggers that fire the Clarity tracking code.

To set it up, review Google Tag Manager.

Check out this guide on how to set up JavaScript Triggers in Google Tag Manager.


For more answers, refer to Custom tags FAQ.

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