Overview of knowledge management


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Knowledge management plays a vital role in delivering world-class customer care. It provides team members in an organization the ability to author, categorize, deliver, analyze, and share information through a knowledge base.

Benefits of knowledge management

  • Primary service providers, such as agents, can look up information in a knowledge base to resolve customer queries right away, which helps increase their productivity.

  • With access to rich, high-quality knowledge resources across consistent and contextual Omnichannel experiences, agents can resolve issues faster, reducing their average call handling time.

  • Customers can use knowledge management search capabilities across channels to solve issues themselves, reducing support tickets and driving customer satisfaction.

    Diagram that illustrates the benefits of knowledge management

Features of knowledge management

Depending on your role in your organization, here’s how you can use the features of knowledge management to help your organization grow.

Create knowledge articles

Create and design knowledge articles

As a knowledge author, you can:

As an administrator, you can:

  • Enable the setting for agents to propose knowledge drafts after they resolve a case. More information: Use Copilot to generate knowledge drafts from cases (preview)

  • Configure third-party sources, such as enterprise websites that are based on the site map protocol. Knowledge articles are ingested into Dataverse and are available for agents to search. This action enables your agents to view and sort search results from any search providers added by you. More information: Manage integrated search providers

Manage the lifecycle of knowledge articles

As a knowledge author, you can:

  • Create major and minor versions of a knowledge article, and keep your articles up to date with the latest information while tracking changes throughout the lifecycle of your products and services. More information: Create and manage article versions

  • Create a translation for a knowledge article record in multiple languages. More information: Create a knowledge article translation

  • Publish articles as soon as they're approved, or schedule them for later publication. You can also set expiration dates on articles. More information: Publish knowledge articles

    Create and manage knowledge articles life cycle

Create and manage categories for your knowledge articles

As an administrator, you can create hierarchical, categorical data to help group records. Categories are useful for reporting, sorting, segmenting, and categorization of records. More information: Create and manage categories.

Search knowledge articles

Search knowledge articles through different channels

  • As an agent, you can use either the Smart assist or the Knowledge search pane to search articles in Customer Service workspace. Smart assist provides you with knowledge article suggestions about your case that helps you resolve customer issues quickly. For more information on Knowledge search pane, see: Use the knowledge search pane to search articles
  • As a customizer, you can set up knowledge base search control on a standard or custom form to help make it easy for users in your organization to find knowledge articles. More information: Add the Knowledge Base Search control to forms
  • As an administrator, you can configure how you want the knowledge base search control to appear for your entities on the app side pane of Customer Service workspace and Omnichannel for Customer Service. Configuring a record type lets you specify the information that your agents see while they interact with customers. More information: Configure knowledge search control on app side pane for an entity record

Search multiple knowledge providers

As an administrator, you can use search providers to federate the search of files, documents, or articles from data sources outside of your organization. More information: Set up external search providers

Set up search logic and search filters

As an administrator, you can:

Perform knowledge self-service

Search the knowledge base on portals

Having a knowledge base on the portal makes it a customer self-service portal, where you can access and search for knowledge articles through simple queries. This setup helps you resolve issues and makes information easily accessible. You can search for your knowledge articles by selecting Knowledge Base from your portal. More information: Search the knowledge base on portals

Integrate knowledge management with a Copilot Studio bot

As an administrator, you can integrate a Copilot Studio bot with knowledge management to make it easier to use customized conversations in your bot. This setup helps free up your agents' time so they can focus on complex issues that need human intervention, as the bot helps answer questions, perform actions, and solve issues that are simple in nature. More information: Integrate knowledge management in Dynamics 365 with Copilot Studio bots

Analyze and report

Track and analyze knowledge article statistics

As an administrator, you can:

  • Track how many times an article is used, viewed, and sent to customers. Use this information to proactively create knowledge based on search insights across customers and agents.

  • Use the knowledge search analytics dashboard to provide supervisors and knowledge workers with valuable insights into how your support agents are finding and using knowledge articles. More information: Manage Knowledge analytics

    Screenshot of the knowledge search analytics dashboard

As a supervisor, you can identify searches that have low success or return no results through the Knowledge search analytics dashboard to help identify knowledge gaps, improve search results, and surface the most relevant articles. More information: Introduction to knowledge analytics

Provide feedback

As an agent, you can easily provide feedback on knowledge articles with the help of knowledge article rating. Knowledge managers can capture and review the feedback on the articles to improve and maintain a relevant knowledge base. More information: Submit ratings and feedback for knowledge articles

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