Share and update Dynamics 365 records within Microsoft Teams conversations (production-ready preview)


  • This topic is prerelease documentation and is subject to change.
  • Preview features designated as production-ready employ privacy and security measures typically present in generally available features, as further explained in our preview terms.

When having a conversation with other people over Teams, you might want to share Dynamics 365 records with them within a Teams chat or a channel. You can do this by using the Dynamics 365 app. The Dynamics 365 app allows you to search for information in Dynamics 365, share with other participants in their chats or channels, and even allow them to perform tasks from within the Teams chat conversation. Using the Dynamics 365 app, you can:

  • Send a quick summary of a record in a Microsoft Teams chat or channel as an interactive card.

  • Search for and filter Dynamics 365 records to share with your conversation participants.

  • Paste the URL of a Dynamics 365 record and have it rendered as an interactive card.

  • Edit records through interactive cards.

  • Add chat conversations as notes and tasks with the click of a button.


The functionality of sharing Dynamics 365 records in Teams is not supported on mobile devices.

The information in the interactive card is displayed using the view of type Quick Find View of a table. To change the information displayed in the cards, admins can edit the columns in the Quick Find View view of a table as per the requirement.

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