iOS/iPadOS Enterprise security configuration framework

The iOS/iPadOS security configuration framework is a series of recommendations for device compliance and configuration policy settings. These recommendations help you tailor your organization's mobile device security protection to your specific needs.

Security conscious organizations look at ways to ensure corporate data on mobile devices are protected. One method used to protect that data is through device enrollment. Device enrollment helps organizations:

  • deploy compliance policies (like PIN strength, jailbreak/root validation, and so on).
  • deploy configuration policies (like WIFI, certificates, VPN).
  • manage the app lifecycle.

To help you set up a complete security scenario, Microsoft introduced a new taxonomy for security configurations in Windows 10. Intune is using a similar taxonomy for this security configuration framework. They include recommended device compliance and device restriction settings for basic, enhanced, and high security. This taxonomy is explained in the following articles:

iOS/iPadOS enrollment modes

iOS/iPadOS supports several enrollment scenarios, two of which are covered as part of this framework:

Next steps

iOS/iPadOS framework deployment methodology