QueryExpression ComplexType

A complex query expressed in a hierarchy of expressions.

Base Type


The properties of a complex type contain the structured data of the type.

Name Type Details
ColumnSet ColumnSet

The columns to include.

Criteria FilterExpression

The complex condition and logical filter expressions that filter the results of the query.

DataSource Edm.String

When set to 'archive', run the query against synapse storage for archived data.

Distinct Edm.Boolean

Whether the results of the query contain duplicate entity instances.

EntityName Edm.String

The logical name of the entity.

ForceSeek Edm.String
LinkEntities Collection(LinkEntity)

A collection of the links between multiple entity types.

NoLock Edm.Boolean

Indicates that no shared locks are issued against the data that would prohibit other transactions from modifying the data in the records returned from the query.

Orders Collection(OrderExpression)

The order in which the entity instances are returned from the query.

PageInfo PagingInfo

The number of pages and the number of entity instances per page returned from the query.

QueryHints Edm.String

A hint for generated SQL text which affects the query's execution.

SubQueryExpression QueryExpression

Defines the QueryExpression for a nested query.

TopCount Edm.Int32

The number of rows to be returned.

Used by

The following may use the QueryExpression ComplexType.

Name How used
FetchXmlToQueryExpressionResponse Query Property
QueryExpression SubQueryExpression Property
BulkDelete QuerySet Parameter
SyncBulkOperation QuerySet Parameter
BackgroundSendEmail Query Parameter
BulkDetectDuplicates Query Parameter
FullTextSearchKnowledgeArticle QueryExpression Parameter
QueryExpressionToFetchXml Query Parameter
SendBulkMail Query Parameter
Rollup Query Parameter

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