Implement data integration concepts and solutions for finance and operations apps

Dynamics 365
Supply Chain Management


You may experience partial outages in labs that use the finance and operations apps virtual machine. We are working on fixing it and ask for your patience.

Connect to your finance and operations apps data by using data entities, where data is accessed outside of the application and with different endpoint and external applications.

Learning objectives

In this module, you will:

  • Create a data entity.
  • Enable data management capabilities.
  • Expose Open Data Protocol (OData) endpoints with data entities.
  • Identify custom service endpoints.
  • Discover external web services that are available for use.
  • Consume external web services.
  • Connect to your data with the Microsoft Excel add-in.
  • Connect to your data with Microsoft Power Apps.


  • Moderate knowledge of finance and operations apps
  • Moderate knowledge of object-oriented programming
  • Experience using Visual Studio