Top support solutions for Surface devices


Home users: This article is only intended for use by IT professionals and technical support agents, and applies only to Surface devices. If you're looking for help with a problem with your home device, please see Surface Devices Help.

These are the Microsoft Support solutions for common issues you might experience using Surface devices in an enterprise. If your issue isn't listed here, contact Surface Support for Business and Education customers.

Warranty and service

Self-Serve your Surface Service Orders on the Microsoft 365 Surface Support Portal

The Microsoft 365 Surface Support Portal provides a centralized solution for commercial and education customers to look up current warranty and protection plans, create service requests, and track the status of device repairs. The portal may be accessed [here] ( and is subject to an initial access authorization.

US and Canada Customers who do not currently have an Intune or Microsoft 365 subscription: an enhanced Support experience offering self-serve functionalities is now available for your region. Start using the new platform today: Get Support. For detailed instructions on the initial sign-up process, please refer to our step-by-step guide here.

Technical support scenarios

First troubleshooting steps

Next troubleshooting steps

Select on the relevant support article from the following table and implement the recommended next steps to resolve the issue.

Issue category Support article
Display and screen issues What to try if your Surface screen is distorted, is flickering, or has lines running through it
Troubleshoot connecting Surface to a second screen
Troubleshoot Surface Dock or Surface Docking Station
Performance and Maintenance Surface won’t turn on or start
Surface turns on but is stuck on a logo screen
Windows doesn't respond or stops working on Surface
Surface Go or Surface Go 2 turns on and shows "No Bootable Device"
Power and Battery Surface battery won’t charge or Surface won't run on battery
Caring for your Surface battery
What to do if your Surface power supply or charger doesn’t work
Troubleshoot Surface Dock or Surface Docking Station
Maximize your Surface battery life
Best practice power settings for Surface devices
Sound and Camera Optimize video conferencing on Surface devices
Take photos and videos with Surface
Camera doesn't work in Windows
Wi-Fi and Internet Fix Wi-Fi connection issues in Windows
Keyboard, Touchpad and Input Troubleshoot your Surface Pen
Troubleshoot Surface Type Cover or Keyboard
Fix touchpad problems in Windows
Surface Dock issues Troubleshoot Surface Dock and docking stations
Troubleshoot connecting Surface to a second screen
Microsoft Surface Dock 1 Firmware Update
Reset device Creating and using a USB recovery drive for Surface
FAQ: Protecting your data if you send your Surface in for service
Microsoft Surface Data Eraser
Deployment issues DISK0 not found when you deploy Windows on a Surface device that has 1 TB drive configuration
Surface Device that has a 1-TB drive configuration shows two drives
System SKU reference

Enterprise (Deploy, Manage, IT Tools)

Surface devices documentation

Surface Registration Support for Windows Autopilot

How do I use the BIOS/UEFI on Surface devices?

How to use Surface UEFI

Safety and Security

Surface security overview

Device Enroll and Management in Intune

Surface Management Portal overview

Need more help?

To expedite your support request, make sure to include your devices serial number and your shipping address in the Issue Description field. If your issue wasn't listed or you need more help, contact Surface Support for Business and Education customers.