Hardware submission in Partner Center is broken

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Hello, the Partner Center has a critical bug which make it impossible to submit a file for code signing. Once I click on the Hardware section as instructed to start the signing process, the hardware submission page does not open; Instead, I always get redirected to the "legal info" tab, which, in turns, gets stuck on an infinite loading (see screenshot):

Our whole development is stopped due to this.
We are losing tons of money daily, because of the new broken process Microsoft had the brilliant idea to enforce to kernel devs since a couple of years. Since now Microsoft wants to force any developer to go through this specific process just to release a driver, at least make it functional and not a broken mess as it is now.
Not only it is the most user-unfriendly process I have ever encountered (even more so then having to obtain an EV certificate, which should be enough already) but it is also broken and riddled with bugs.
The whole dev team didn't find yet a way to bypass this bug you have in the Partner Center. Kindly waiting for an urgent solution and that you fix the error reported. Support ticket opened: 2401240030004818 Thank you in advance and best regards.

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