Microsoft Purview

Microsoft Purview is a comprehensive portfolio of products spanning data governance, information protection, risk management, and compliance solutions.

Microsoft Purview solutions

Guidance to help you get started with Microsoft Purview solutions in the governance and compliance portals.

What is Microsoft Purview?

Learn how Microsoft Purview data governance, risk, and compliance solutions can help your organization govern, protect, and manage your data estate.

Microsoft Purview governance documentation

Learn how to use Microsoft Purview so your organization can find, understand, govern, and consume data sources.

Microsoft Purview risk and compliance documentation

If your organization needs to comply with legal or regulatory standards, start here to learn about compliance in Microsoft Purview.

Manage visibility and governance of data assets

Guidance to help you get started with understanding and governing data across your digital estate.

Microsoft Purview Data Map

Capture metadata about analytics data, software-as-a-service, and in hybrid, on-premises, and multi-cloud environments.

Microsoft Purview Data Catalog

Find trusted data sources by browsing and searching your data assets, aligning your assets with friendly business terms and data classification.

Microsoft Purview Data Estate Insights

Gain insights into your data estate, to help you discover what kinds of data you have and where.

Protect sensitive data across clouds, apps, and devices

Guidance to help you get started with protecting data in your organization.

Microsoft Purview Information Protection

Discover, classify, and protect sensitive information wherever it lives or travels.

Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention

Use data loss prevention to help prevent accidental sharing of sensitive information.

Microsoft Purview Message Encryption

Send and receive encrypted email messages to people inside and outside your organization.

Microsoft Purview Customer Key

Help meet compliance requirements by exercising control over your organization's encryption keys.

Microsoft Purview Double Key Encryption

Uses two keys together to access protected content. Microsoft stores one key in Microsoft Azure, and you hold the other key.

Microsoft Purview Data Connectors

Import and archive non-Microsoft data so you can apply Microsoft 365 protection and governance capabilities to third-party data.

Microsoft Purview Data Lifecycle Management

Retain the Microsoft 365 data that you need to keep, and delete the content that no longer has business value.

Microsoft Information Protection SDK

Extend sensitivity labels to third-party apps and services.

Microsoft Purview Customer Lockbox

Maintain control over your content with explicit access authorization for service operations.

Identify data risks and manage regulatory compliance requirements

Guidance to help you get started with identifying and minimizing risk in your organization.

Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management

Detect, investigate, and act on malicious and inadvertent risk activities in your organization.

Microsoft Purview Communication Compliance

Detect, investigate, and act on inappropriate and sensitive messages in your organization.

Microsoft Purview Information Barriers

Restrict communication and collaboration among specific groups of users in highly-regulated organizations.

Microsoft Purview Privileged Access Management

Help protect your organization from breaches that use accounts with standing access to sensitive data and critical configuration settings.

Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager

Compliance Manager helps with taking inventory of data protection risks, managing the implementation of controls, staying current with regulations & certifications, and reporting to auditors.

Microsoft Purview Records Management

Manage high-value items for business, legal, or regulatory record-keeping requirements.

Microsoft Purview Audit

Learn about premium and standard audit solutions and tools to help you log and search for audited activities in SharePoint and OneDrive.

Microsoft Purview eDiscovery

Learn about eDiscovery tools that allow you to search for content in Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 Groups, and Yammer teams.

Microsoft Graph APIs for compliance capabilities

Adapt, extend, integrate, accelerate, and support compliance solutions with programmatic access.