Microsoft Defender for IoT Edge azureiotsecurity

Azure IoT Edge provides powerful capabilities to manage and perform business workflows at the edge. The key part that IoT Edge plays in IoT environments make it particularly attractive for malicious actors.

Defender for IoT azureiotsecurity provides a comprehensive security solution for your IoT Edge devices. Defender for IoT module collects, aggregates and analyzes raw security data from your Operating System and container system into actionable security recommendations and alerts.

Similar to Defender for IoT security agents for IoT devices, the Defender for IoT Edge module is highly customizable through its module twin. See Configure your agent to learn more.

Defender for IoT azureiotsecurity for IoT Edge offers the following features:

  • Collects raw security events from the underlying Operating System (Linux), and the IoT Edge Container systems.

    See Defender for IoT agent configuration to learn more about available security data collectors.

  • Analysis of IoT Edge deployment manifests.

  • Aggregates raw security events into messages sent through IoT Edge Hub.

  • Remove configuration through use of the azureiotsecurity twin.

    See Configure a Defender for IoT agent to learn more.

Defender for IoT azureiotsecurity for IoT Edge runs in a privileged mode under IoT Edge. Privileged mode is required to allow the module to monitor the Operating System, and other IoT Edge modules.

Module supported platforms

Defender for IoT azureiotsecurity for IoT Edge is currently only available for Linux.

Next steps

In this article, you learned about the architecture and capabilities of Defender for IoT azureiotsecurity for IoT Edge.

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