Import data with partner solutions in Microsoft Sustainability Manager

Sustainability Manager includes a separate experience to import data from partner solutions. We’re building a robust catalog of prebuilt and custom connectors from operational data providers. For our first-party resources, we're prioritizing partnerships that aggregate data across a key emission category, so that we can meet the needs of many customers at the same time.

Our long-term strategy is for data providers to bear the responsibility for connecting to our service and adopting the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability data model. You can currently connect your data through comma-separated values (CSV) files, Excel files, Open Data Protocol (OData), and over 40 connectors that are available in Power Query. Future versions will include more first-party and third-party connectors that provide the required data set for each emissions category.

To import data from any of the available partner solutions, select the Partner Solutions tile under Data imports. Select any available solution and then enter your credentials. The credentials page and user experience may vary based on the data, partner solution, and integration with Sustainability Manager. After the credentials are validated, you'll define the schedule, provide a name for the import, and complete the setup. Based on your defined schedule, data is automatically imported from the partner solution into Sustainability Manager.

Select one of the following partner solutions for instructions on importing data:

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