Microsoft Cloud for Developers

Learn how to integrate services across the Microsoft Cloud with tutorials, videos, code samples, documentation and more.

Microsoft Cloud SDKs and Additional Tooling

Software Developer Kits (SDKs) and additional tools to integrate applications with the Microsoft Cloud.

Azure CLI

The Azure Command-Line Interface (CLI) is a cross-platform command-line tool to connect to Azure and execute administrative commands on Azure resources.

GitHub Codespaces

A codespace is a development environment that's hosted in the cloud.

Visual Studio Family

Download and install Visual Studio, Visual Studio for Mac, or Visual Studio Code

Azure SDKs and Tools

The Azure SDKs are collections of libraries built to make it easier to use Azure services from your language of choice.

CLI for Microsoft 365

The CLI for Microsoft 365 can help you can manage your Microsoft 365 tenant and SharePoint Framework projects on any platform.

Dev Proxy

Dev Proxy is a command line tool for testing Microsoft Graph, SharePoint Online and any other HTTP APIs.

Microsoft Graph SDKs

The Microsoft Graph SDKs are designed to simplify building high-quality, efficient, and resilient applications that access Microsoft Graph.

Power Platform CLI

Microsoft Power Platform CLI is a simple, one-stop developer CLI that empowers developers and ISVs to perform various operations in Microsoft Power Platform related to environment lifecycle, authentication, and work with Microsoft Dataverse environments, solution packages, portals, code components, and more.


PowerShell is a cross-platform task automation solution made up of a command-line shell, a scripting language, and a configuration management framework.