Edit site header

Edit your site's header to apply your brand to your Power Pages site. You can:

  • Update the site title and add your organization's logo.
  • Provide alt text for logo images.
  • Change colors and fonts.
  • Preview the site's responsive layout.

In the Pages workspace, hover over the header component and select Edit site header. Editing options appear in a window in the Pages workspace.

Screenshot of the Edit site header button, which appears when you hover over the header in the Pages workspace.

Change your site's title and change or remove the logo in the Title + logo section of the header editing window. You can also customize them using Liquid code.

Screenshot of the title and logo options in the header editing window.

  • Enter the title of the site in the box under Site title.
  • To use a different logo, select Upload image and follow the prompts to select an image file.
  • Enter alt text for the logo image in the box under Alt text.
  • To remove the logo from the header completely, turn off the Site logo toggle.

Customize the title and logo using Liquid

The header consists of three content snippets, which use the Liquid markup language.

Content snippet Liquid syntax
Site name {{ snippets['Site name'] }}
Logo URL {{ snippets['Logo URL'] }}
Logo alt text {{ snippets['Logo alt text'] }}

If the title and logo are changed in the code, those changes override any changes you make in the header editing window. You'll know this is the case if you see the following message: Your updates may not show on the site because of customizations to the code made by someone in your org.

Modify the header in the Portal Management app to make the header code match your changes in the header editing window.


Change your header's style in the Styling section of the header editing window.

Brand colors

Screenshot of styling options in the header editing window.

  • Select the circles under Brand colors to change the colors your site's header uses.
  • Select the square to the right of Header background to change the background color of the header.
  • Select > to the right of Title and Site Navigation to change the type characteristics of the site title and navigational elements.


Preview your site's responsive layout in the Layout section of the header editing window.

Screenshot of layout options in the header editing window.

  • Use the + and - controls to change the display size.

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