VM in Vnet peered to a Vnet with Virtual Gateway can't access on prem resources

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I'm facing connectivity issues with a Vnet peered to a Vnet with a gateway and a S2S connection to my on prem resources:

Vnet-test is peered to Vnet-hub
Vnet-hub has a Virtual Gateway deployed
Virtual Gateway is linked to my on prem gateway

The flow from on prem (or p2s connections) is working.

The flow from a VM in the Vnet-hub to on-prem resources is working.

The flow from a VM in Vnet-test to Vnet-hub is working.

The flow from a VM in Vnet-test to on-prem is blocked, but I don't know where.

The peering options are set like the following:

What did I miss? How to define the proper routing to make my resources in Vnet-test able to reach on-prem instances through the Virtual Gateway?

Thanks a lot!

Azure VPN Gateway
Azure VPN Gateway
An Azure service that enables the connection of on-premises networks to Azure through site-to-site virtual private networks.
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Azure Virtual Network
Azure Virtual Network
An Azure networking service that is used to provision private networks and optionally to connect to on-premises datacenters.
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  1. Joe Carlyle 661 Reputation points MVP

    Based on the details so far, this sounds like the peering was added after your VPN was created and your local site has no route to the peered VNET. Your quickest route to resolution is to delete and recreate the VPN Connection resource.