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Hy, i have the following setup:

one OneDrive account in which is synced the source code for some .NET applications

2 workstations that are synced to the OneDrive account:
-workstation1 is at my home, i am using it phisically
i use this workstation when i want to edit the code without the lag of using RemoteDesktopConnection. The drawback of using this workstation is that the connection to the databases are extremely slow because we are using a VPN, so the build process and the usage of application is very slow.

-workstation2 is at my office, i am using it via RemoteDesktopConnection
i use this workstation when i want to build and use the application at high speeds because the databases are acessed directly in the same network, without a vpn. The drawback is the code editing, that is very lagy and annoying since i use RemoteDesktopConnection

The main folder that is synced in OneDrive is Repos/
Every time when i run or rebuild an application, there are lot of content that is rewritten in the following folders:
Sometimes the sync is not done in a acceptable period of time, so if i switch from using the application on workstation1 to workstation2, OneDrive can get into a series of conflicts, with files modified and rewritten by the both workstations in the same time, and it can end up pretty badly with phisical disk errors. I **had to run chckdisk for many times when i had this type of conflicts, too many of this errors and the disk gets damaged ... **

What i need is to keep the folder Repos/ in sync, while some sub folders to be excluded from sync, like the ones i mentioned before:
From what i have found until now, it seems that OneDrive is unable to manage differential sync permisions on subfolder of a synced parent folder...
That's quite strange because i consider it to be a useful a basic feature, how that nobody from Microsoft thought about this until now ?

I know Visual Stuio can be configured to write /bin and /obj folder in a different location, but this is not an option because the application is automatically build by a devops pipeline, and the modifications of these folders will crush the automatic build process.
Also, location of /.vs folder cannot be changed using some sort of Visual Studio configuration (i've searched a lot over the internet but i did not find anything)

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OneDrive Management
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