Tumbling Window Trigger with Delay

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My TWT has typeProperties as below:

"typeProperties": {
    "frequency": "Minute",
    "interval": 5,
    "startTime": "2019-06-03T20:33:54.248Z",
    "delay": "00:10:00",
    "maxConcurrency": 1,
    "retryPolicy": {
        "intervalInSeconds": 30
    "dependsOn": []

Please note that startTime is in one year past. With configuration set like this TWT starts only one instance of my pipeline starting from the (startTime, startTime + 5 minutes) window and continues with other time windows after the previous one has completed.

Though with "delay": "00:10:00" I expected 10 minute delay between finish of last execution and beginning of the next one which is not the case. Next window processing starts immediately after the last execution has been completed. Can you help me figure how to get the behavior I expect?

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