Write-RsRestCatalogItem Doesn't Add Description to Report

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I'm trying to add an RDL using the Write-RsRestCatalogItem call to an existing SSRS site. The report gets added but I noticed that if I pass in a description, it doesn't get added to the ReportServer catalog. Calling Write-RsCatalogItem with a description adds the description just fine.

### This doesn't add the description to the ReportServer catalog  
Write-RsRestCatalogItem -WebSession $sessionDest -ReportPortalUri $DestinationURI -Path "$localRDLPath\$($r.Name).rdl" -RsFolder $RDLFolder -Description $r.Description -ErrorAction Stop  
### This adds the description to the ReportServer catalog  
Write-RsCatalogItem -ReportServerUri $DestinationURI -Path "$localRDLPath\$($r.Name).rdl" -RsFolder $RDLFolder -Description $r.Description -ErrorAction Stop  
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  1. Ian Xue (Shanghai Wicresoft Co., Ltd.) 22,191 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor


    Are your using the ReportingServicesTools module? If so, you can try to remove the "-Verbose:$false | Out-Null" at the end of the Invoke-WebRequest line from the Write-RsRestCatalogItem.ps1 and see if there are any clues in the return value.


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