Statcounter: Bing leapfrogs Yahoo again

You might remember as the site that came in the news a few weeks ago when Bing overtook Yahoo, due to the sudden interest immediately after launch. Back then, as many predicted, it didn’t last long, as people quickly switched back to their old search habits.

But I just checked the Statcounter site and noticed that Bing just got ahead Yahoo again. Granted, this time in North America region only. On last Friday (26 Jun) Bing had 8.74% query share, compared with Yahoo with 8.55%.




Of course, this situation probably won’t last long either, but there are a few observations to make:

1) The two graphs are getting closer and closer, and it’s probably safe to predict that they will start intersecting a lot more often in the next weeks. The same trend can be seen in the WW numbers as well.

2) There is a curious pattern when Bing traffic is higher on Wednesday and Friday (not sure why?)

Either way, it’s an interesting area to watch out in the next weeks to come …