CloudCover Episode on Autoscaling

A couple of weeks ago, while catching up on twitter late at night, I saw a tweet from Wade Wegner:

Tomorrow is the last @cloudcovershow and the first time I've ever had a guest cancel the night before. The nerve!

— Wade Wegner (@WadeWegner) March 28, 2012

I stepped in and offered to talk about Windows Azure autoscaling. 6am next day, I got a ping from Wade to meet him by the ice cream room at 11:30 :) for shooting the CloudCover episode #74. No prepping, no rehearsals, no retakes. Here’s the end result!

The show has now aired and got ~45K views in just over a week time.

I loved the experience! Honored to be the last guest of Wade’s show. Intrigued by his new adventure and happy to see him still staying in the Windows Azure space and the show continuing. I actually suggested to Wade to come back in the future not as a host but as a guest.

If you are interested in autoscaling, watch the show and come back for more during the upcoming patterns & practices online symposium

I just  conclude with a comment from one of the viewers:

Great work! I got it working indeed. Our customers often ask if Windows Azure can scale automatically. With this sample I can show them, “sure it does!”