Guest Post James Kavanagh: ASD certifications boost cloud opportunities for Microsoft partners


James Kavanagh
Chief Technology Officer
Microsoft Australia




I am excited to share the news that more than 50 Microsoft Azure and Office 365 services have been added by the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) to its Certified Cloud Services List (CCSL). It means Microsoft and our partners now have a hugely expanded range of cloud services that can be deployed to create transformative public sector solutions.

In all 40 Azure services are now on the CCSL list as well as 10 Office 365 services - massively extending what is available to create trusted, resilient, open solutions on a hyperscale cloud.

Services like Azure Log Analytics, ExpressRoute and Azure Security Centre are now on the list and can be used to help organisations secure and manage across a hybrid cloud. Australian government, education and healthcare organisations can also advance their digital transformation with innovative services like Azure Machine Learning, Azure Internet-of-Things Hub and Azure Application Services, now also on the CCSL.

In addition, 10 services within Office 365, including voice communications, cloud PBX, email, information protection and collaboration are certified to the Unclassified level. Office 365 remains the only productivity platform certified to this level by the Australian government.


  • Already our partners like Mexia are using Azure, for example to deliver a cloud based anytime anywhere clinical information platform for the new Bendigo Hospital, Victoria’s newest acute care facility.
  • Australian software developers are also launching onto the world stage by choosing to build on the Microsoft cloud. RecordPoint has developed compliant Office 365 based record management systems for an array of public sector clients including ASIC, Treasury, Victoria’s Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, and Fife Council.
  • Gruntify is leveraging cloud services to help healthcare, government and utilities push the limits of data collection, analysis and machine learning to deliver actionable insights in the field, right when they’re needed.
  • DoseMe has developed a highly specialised solution for precision medication dosage. Leveraging Azure, DoseMe applies artificial intelligence to precisely simulate individual patients and prescribe the optimum dosage of therapeutic medicines.Armed with a breadth of certified Azure services all our partners are well placed to create innovative transforming solutions that can be scaled rapidly and economically leveraging both hybrid clouds and the Azure hyperscale public cloud.Microsoft is all about building the most open platform for innovation, a platform that is trusted and assured to Australian needs. And a platform that every software developer, every user, every organisation in business or government of Australia can use to do more.

You can read more about this news and at the following post on LinkedIn .