Data Science Virtual Machine available

This post was co-authored by: Gopi Kumar, Principal Program Manager, AI and Research

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We are happy to announce the availability of the Data Science Virtual Machine on Azure Germany.

Microsoft's Data Science Virtual Machine (DSVM) is a family of popular VM images published on Azure with a broad choice of machine learning, AI and data science tools. All the tools are pre-configured giving you a ready-to-use, on-demand, elastic environment in the cloud to help you perform data analytics and AI development productively. You focus less on IT administrative tasks and more on your data science with the DSVM.

The DSVM is offered on the Azure Germany Cloud in both Windows Server 2016 as well as Linux (Ubuntu) edition. They can be deployed on a wide range of VM instance sizes available on Azure Germany Cloud depending on the size of your datasets used for analytics and training machine learning or deep learning models. The DSVM has pre-installed several popular deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow, Microsoft Cognitive toolkit, Keras, Caffe2, mxnet, Chainer you can use to productively build AI applications. There is a rich set of tools and libraries for Machine learning, data ingestion and exploration, connectivity to various Azure data services, Jupyter notebooks for browser based experimentation, development environment for languages like Python, R, C#, Java, nodejs. A full list of tools available on the DSVM can be found here.

Data Science VM only incurs the base compute charges depending on the Azure VM instance size. There are no other software charges. So you pay the same usage charges for a DSVM as you do for a standard Windows 2016 or Ubuntu Linux VM. (Note: Separate license is required to use SQL Server / Microsoft ML Server components on the DSVM for production purposes).

We invite you to try out the Data Science VM on Azure for your next ML or AI project and training/education. You can engage with the development team and the growing DSVM user community on our forums.


DSVM Overview:
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Windows Server 2016 Edition

Tutorial - Ten things you can do on the DSVM:

Linux (Ubuntu) Edition


If you already have a subscription in Azure Germany, simply click on the images above to start the deployment. If you want to test Azure Germany, please click here for a free Azure Germany trial!