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Where to find DevCon.exe

Update 2013-06-22:  I recently deleted a comment by a reader who posted a link to the versions of DevCon that he had extracted from the Windows Driver Kit.  Redistribution of Microsoft software without consent is usually a violation of our End User License Agreements.  Downloading and using such redistributed software may also place you at risk for malware infections.  Please do not do this.  Such links as this that appear here in the future will also be removed.

To obtain the latest versions of DevCon, please download and install the official Windows Driver Kit for matching version of Windows from here:  You will find the DevCon executables in the installation directory of the WDK. 


The DevCon utility acts as a command-line version of Device Manager. Using DevCon, you can enable, disable, restart, update, remove, and query individual devices or groups of devices.  However, because this utility is not part of the operating system many people have had trouble locating the correct version for each OS architecture.


DevCon started life as a sample in the Windows Driver Development Kit.  The first compiled sample for administrator use was provided in Microsoft Knowledge Base article 311272.  However, I recommend that use use the newest versions which are provided in the Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 Support Tools.


You can extract devcon.exe for each platform from in each case.

If you need help with using DevCon, here are a few sources of information:


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This post was contributed by Michael Murgolo, a Senior Consultant with Microsoft Services - U.S. East Region.