How to Check Your Azure Management Tools Version

Both Azure Powershell SDK and Azure CLI 2.0 are frequently updated to stay current.  Older versions have limited shelf life.

If a certain Azure management scenario isn't working as expected, it may be because of stale tools. Here are commands to check the version of the tools you may currently have installed:

Azure Powershell:

Get-Module -ListAvailable -Name Azure -Refresh

Azure CLI 2.0: 

az --version​

The version number corresponding to the most recent release for each of these projects is documented in the Github release history:

​If keeping the installed version of these tools up to date is an annoyance, I would suggest checking out Azure Cloud Shell as a possible alternative.   The Cloud Shell feature is maintained by Azure Portal and tracks to the most recent version of Powershell or CLI automatically.  Doesn't require you to install Powershell or CLI locally on your machine.  You access it through the browser, but it feels pretty close to what you'd get from a local shell. More details at: