Downloading Hotfixes for Multiple Platforms

If you download hotfixes on a regular basis, this may be old news for you, but if not, you may find use in the below. Most, if not all recent hotfix articles contain the means to obtain the hotfix electronically, without having to call into support beforehand. This can be a great timesaver.


Here’s how to go about doing it, in detail. I will be using following article as an example:


This happens to be SharePoint’s WSS February Uber Cumulative Update. Simply click the link at the top left of the article to view and request the hotfix:



By default, the page attempts to detect your platform, and, if successful, may only show the x86 or x64 version of the hotfix by default, so I’ve highlighted a couple of useful things to click below. The first will show you all available hotfixes for all platforms and languages. This is not very intuitive and really should be shown by default, in my opinion, to save everyone some grief:


Once you click it, you should then see both like this:



From there you can select both and download as normal.


Finally, if you want to see additional information about the hotfixes, click the “Show additional information” link, as I’ve highlighted above:



This reveals the detailed build information, among other useful things.

Note:  You can enable both options at once to view all of the details, which again, I feel should just be shown by default…