Ten Websites of the Month - May Edition

Ok, so one of the things I hope to achieve with this blog is to share all of the little gems that I come across in the web, as well as highlighting some articles from the big boys' blogs, such Tims, Karsten, DanC etc.

So, without further adue... (and in no particular order!)

Adding Glass to a Windows Forms Application.

Superb article from Mr. Tim Sneath about how to get that beautiful Vista glass into the client area of your apps. Media Player 11 in Vista does this. Tim has also included all the source code to do this.

The Z-Index Property... At Last!

The May CTP has bought great new features - one of them, the Z-Index property. No longer to we have to remove children and re-add them to our scenes to get them to the front (see my post: RSS Postit Application). Karsten has shown us how to do it!

WinFX Vista: WPF 3D Samples

Although this site is a wierd and wonderful experience in itself, the webmaster, known as The R Hogue, has produced some great 3D samples, including various media and carousel samples, that are great for anyone wanting to take their controls to the next level.

Adobe Illustrator XAML Exporter

This Illustrator plugin needs no introduction. Check out the great work Michael Swanson is doing to ensure designers get the best possible experience when it come to creating WPF applications.

Bread and Butter 3D

Great tutorial giving you all of the basics for 3D in WPF, taking you from concept to realisation. A must for anyone starting out with 3D.

CodeProject: 3D Basics

Another great lesson in 3D, and great for all future reference.

A Collection of Useful Avalon Tutorials

Stuck on where to start, or have a specific problem? You can bet this post from DigitalNetBizz has an article that will help you out. Loads here, have a look.

Animating a Wrap Panel

Have you seen those funky, animating wrap panels in Microsoft Max? Dan Crevier explains how to create these, source and all!

IBloks. Mix, Share, Play.

This is set to be one of the first commercial WPF apps. Check out the demo at the Mix 06 conference too. A lotta fun.

BBC Demo at MIX06

While we are on MIX06, as well as all the other great sessions, the BBC demo is a must see. Myself and Paul Tallett got to work on this project, and it was a great peice for a great company. Check out the video.

Thats it for May. I shall drop some more interesting sites in June.