Setup.exe Command Options

Several ISVs use installer technology that produces Setup.exe executable installers. These installers use a variety of command options but usually expose these options to the /? option.

Many Setup.exe installers were created by earlier versions of the InstallShield application-packaging utility. Prepare these installers for unattended installation by recording an installation script to be used to control the installer.

Common InstallShield Setup.exe options include:

  • /s. Executes a recorded InstallShield (.iss) script
  • /f. Locates the .iss script file for silent installation
  • /r. Records the .iss script
  • /SMS. Ensures the system does not disconnect from a network share during installation

To record and use an .iss script with Setup.exe

  1. Run Setup.exe with the /r option.

  2. Install the application normally.

  3. When the installation is complete, collect the script file (usually named Setup.iss) from the Windows directory. (Alternatively, use the /f1: option to designate a file name and location.)

  4. To deploy the application silently, use the /s option in the Command Prompt window:

     Setup.exe /s /f1:path\filename.iss