One More Time...

Comments like "Unless of course you want to use them next year" made in reponse to my posting “Keep Writing SharePoint Web Parts Until (at least) 2006” make me wonder if people actually read my posts before commenting on them.  Well.. just to be painfully clear:

Any Web Part you write using today’s technology will work in the next version of Windows SharePoint Services.
WSS “v3” will support both the ASP.NET 2.0 and the WSS “v2” Web Part infrastructures.
Your Web Parts will not become obsolete.

Ditto someone who sent me a private comment stating that “the real question is whether CAML will still be around in vNext” in response to my posting “CAML Is Here To Stay”.  Again, to be excruciatingly clear:

CAML will still be the primary means of list/view data retrieval and formatting in WSS “v3”.
(Looping through object model collections will of course work, too,)

And before someone asks:

FrontPage RPCs will still be the only means by which you can upload a file, set meatadata on it, and check it in (or retrieve a file with its metadata and check it out) with a single remote call, and do so using a technique that reliably handles large blocks of data. Neither WebDAV nor SOAP can make this claim. You should use FrontPage RPCs to have your SmartClients save documents to/read documents from SharePoint sites.

Most people picked up on all of these points, but for those of you that didn’t, there you are.