Happy New Year Wishes 2018!



It’s once again time to take a quick moment to step back and share my thanks and gratitude with all of you, the fantastic people I have the incredible privilege and honor to connect with, speak to, interact with and work with with around the world in my role here at Microsoft and with our customers and partners everywhere. I am so thankful each and every day to all of you for all you do and the impact you make day in and day out.

Once again this year. my current role keeps me more behind the scenes instead of being the public face/voice I have been in previous roles; however, as I’ve said before, have no doubt that my dedication and drive to deliver the highest value and impact for our partners and customers around the world here at Microsoft has never been higher or stronger.

I truly appreciate all of the, “Thank you’s” and feedback so many of you have shared with me regarding my “Largest FREE Microsoft eBook Giveaway!” post and how you have been using those for yourselves and others. I am thrilled to hear that it has helped so many of you.

I always hope that in some way I am able to give back to this wonderful community that has been such a pleasure to work with and be a part of throughout the years and once again, I offer my sincerest wishes to you all for a Happy New Year in 2018 for you, your friends, family, and loved ones everywhere.

Happy New Year!



  Eric Ligman

  Director – Business & Sales Operations
Microsoft Corporation

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