v2 SP1 Application Compatibility Forecast

52 applications were tested for v2 SP1, 9 of them were built with v2.

We don't expect to see many compatibility issues introduced via v2 SP1 given the small number of bug fixes that went into v2 SP1 relative to a full release. This is in line with the results of our testing.


final status
98% pass rate [51 pass / (51 pass + 1 fail*)]
52 applications tested

*The failure was a stackOverflowException exception encountered while programmatically checking boxes in a listview control. The issue was fixed via version coercion and is consequently no longer an issue.

test run details
• 52 applications (7 smartphone)
• (9) v2 applications
• (46) netcf v1 applications

hw platforms
• ppc 2003 SE
• ppc 2003 SE (hi-res)
• magneto
• magneto (hi-res)
• smartphone
• smartphone (hi-res)
• smartphone landscape emulator

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[Author: Michael Lipp]