InfoPath - State Service Application is required

When using InfoPath in your SharePoint 2013 environment, if you don't have the State Service configured in the farm you'll see the error below, "The form cannot be rendered.  This may be due to a misconfiguration of the Microsoft SharePoint Server State Service".





  1.  See if the state service has been configured by running this PowerShell command:


If the State Service is configured you'll receive the following information back from SharePoint.


2.  If the State Service has not been configured, execute the following PowerShell command to create and start it.

#Provision the state service
New-SPStateServiceApplication -Name "State Service Application"
Get-SPStateServiceApplication | New-SPStateServiceApplicationProxy -DefaultProxyGroup
Get-SPStateServiceApplication | New-SPStateServiceDatabase -Name "State_Service_DB"
Get-spdatabase | Where-Object {$_.type -eq "Microsoft.Office.Server.Administration.StateDatabase"} | initialize-spstateservicedatabase

Resources:   InfoPath Forms Services not working due to invalid State Service configuration - Event 7898 (SharePoint Server 2010)