CycleCloud version 8.4.0

New Features:

  • Slurm 3.0 is now supported
    • Support for dynamic nodes, and dynamic partitions via dynamic nodearrays, supporting both single and multiple VM sizes
    • New Slurm versions 23.02.0 and 22.05.8
    • Cost reporting via azslurm CLI
    • azslurm cli based autoscaler
    • Ubuntu 20 support
    • Removed need for topology plugin, and therefore also any submit plugin
  • Encryption-At-Host is now supported
  • Added Event Log for auditing storage credentials.
  • Cluster usage schema now includes VM size details.
  • New regions supported for pricing, including Poland, Sweden, and Jio India

Resolved Issues:

  • VMSS which were removed outside of CycleCloud could trigger a null-pointer exception.
  • Users were not able to interact with checkboxes in forms
  • node.json was not parsed using utf-8 encoding on Windows
  • Pricing for Ultra disks was not collected correctly
  • VMs using Ultra disks failed to be created if there was no price information
  • Restoring from backup sometimes picked an older version to restore from
  • Restoring from backup did not work if port 80/443 were in use
  • LSF example template was broken
  • In certain cases, nodes could be added to the cluster but not counted against the limits
  • Users were not able to change their password
  • CVE-2021-43980 is mitigated